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Friday, 11 June 2010

Simple Guide for Add Maths Project TUGASAN 4/2010

Alrighty. Add Maths project... hmm. I typed this thing out at 2am - 5am in the morning. So if you find spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, you know why.

You can find more information here and if you find mine is just too vague. Just register and activate you account and you'll be able to view it.[HERE]
Question paper. Lost it? Go here. [HERE]
Air-cond sizing worksheet. [HERE]

1. Graphs. It's best if you draw the graphs manually. In other words, by hand. And by hand, I mean drawing.... with pencil. Yeah.
2. Tables. You can draw the outline of the table using computers. But fill in the data that you've obtained by hand.
3. Calculations. 100% by hand. No computer aided work here. Show every single working. Even if the calculated data is supposed to be filled into the table, you still have to show the working.
4. Generals. Most of the pages can be done with the aid of computer except the ones I mentioned above. But it's not a problem if you want to do it completely by hand.

The ones I put in bracket indicate the corresponding criteria in the rubric that I'm having. Maybe I can upload it later if anyone wants it. It's basically a table of criteria for the folio. What you need in the folio:
1. Title Page (A1) - Include your name, class, school's name, teacher's name, project title i.e. Index Prices in Our Daily Life.
2. Contents Page (A1) - Quite obvious what you should do here.
3. Objectives (A2) - List out the objectives of doing this project. 3 would be enough, I guess. i.e. To develop positive attitude towards mathematics.
4. Introduction (A2) - Basically this is just a copy and paste work from Wikipedia. Find the history, uses, and etc etc.

Now, I'm referring to the question paper. If you lost it, go here. [HERE]
5. Part 1
a) Collect pictures, newspaper cuttings or photos on items that you have chosen. A plain collage is adequate. Cut and paste. Simple.
b) Copy back Table 1 and gather your data [FIELD WORK]. Make sure you use the same measurements for each of the identical items.

Table 1b

c) Create at least two suitable graphical presentations. I'm not quite sure what this means. Maybe you can do those graphs like in the stock market for each of the items. I'm just speculating for this one. The information that they give is just too vague.
d) Basically, just write whatever you think the graph is showing you. i.e. Most expensive and etc. Then, comment on what you've found.
e) Identify ONE item which is too cheap or too expensive (10 or 20 sens in difference is kinda extreme, in a way) Calculate the mean and standard deviation of that particular item. And, think why its price is like that.

6. Part 2
a) From Part 1, just state which shop you'd go to purchase those items. State your reasons and explain why.
b) Copy and fill up Table 2 with the prices of items from the shops that you choose.

Table 2b(i)

    (i) Calculate the price index for each of the ingredient for 2010 based on 2009.
    (ii) Then, calculate the composite index for 2010 based on 2009. Explain how you get your answers.
    (iii) State a suitable selling price for the butter cake in 2010. Explain why.
c)  (i) Air-cond capacity based on room size. I THINK you have to list out the standard capacity of the     air-cond and its corresponding room volume. Not sure if this helps, but you can try this. [HERE]
    (ii) Get the volume of the library. Explain how you get the answer. Determine how many air-cond and the air-cond capacity do you need to keep the library in a cool condition. You can use your own estimation or you can use Fudin's. His is 600 cubic metres.
    (iii) Then, get an estimation of the total price for the air-cond(s) and determine how many butter cakes you need to sell to buy the air-cond(s).

7. PART 3
a) Complete Table 3 based on the information given on the previous passage. The one right on top of the 3(a). It's suppose to be something like this.

Table 3a

b) Calculate the composite index for the estimated budget for 2010 based on 2009. Best be done in a table form. Like this:

Table 3b

Then, comment on your answers. Just mention the increment is sufficient, I think.

c) Using the information that they gave, calculate the composite index for 2011 based on 2009. This one is pure calculation. You don't need to draw any tables.

For this part, you'll have to elaborate on the different types of index numbers and their importance in our daily lives.

Best if you make a conclusion for each part of the assignment. This is basically your findings about the project. I don't think specific findings is required, just general ones will do.
Part 2 - Etc etc etc
Part 3 - Fffisgjskkfopfjrij

Something like that. -.-

I think the guide they have on the paper is quite sufficient to guide you. So, just follow from there.

Just list out your source of information to finish up this project. And, this blog doesn't count. So, don't include that in.
For websites:

12. APPENDIX (Lampiran... =.=)
Just put the question paper there. That's the only appendix you'll need.

I acquired the images from I haven't actually read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the website. So if anyone from the website found this blog, please mail me at if you need an explanation or letter of request for the usage of your site's digital properties. Thank you.

p/s: If you're still not sure, give me a mail. I'll try finding more informations.


  1. wat is a collage?

  2. A collage... its basically cuttings of pictures pasted on a piece of paper. Art collages are done to present a certain object or statement. Collage in this case would mean, pictures of things i.e Eggs pasted on a piece of paper as a form of presentation.

  3. i dont get the rubric some sorta isi kandungan zid?
    where did u get this appendix and all frm? :S

  4. The rubric is suppose to be filled in by your teacher. It's not an isi kandungan, it's more of a checklist for your teacher. It lists out the elements that you should have in your folio.

    The appendix. Guess my explanation there is just too short. Ok, so the appendix is actually your question paper that you get from your teacher for the project. This sample is on a link in this post. The link on the fifth line. Your teacher should have given you these papers in advance. Unless if you have lost it, like me. XP

  5. If we just print the picture n not do collage,is it right?

  6. hi ,
    can i ask about the further exploration ? is it means that we just have to choose 2 types of index numbers from the 4 it had given ? i.e stock market index ..... ?? and find the information ( uses and importance ) of them right ? thank

  7. why the precautions that u stated above need to be done by hand?can't it be done just by typing?

  8. -Please include a reference to yourself next time, please)-

    First anonymous (LOL),
    I think doing that is fine, but it would take up more papers. What I mean by collage is: The picture can just be put and labelled onto a single piece of paper, if it fits. It doesn't necessarily need to look nice. It's fine even if it's just a simple collage.

    Second anonymous,
    Yes and yes. You can search the thread on the first link I provided on the above post.

    Third anonymous,
    You need to do it by hand as a proof that it is your own work. If you do the whole thing by typing, your teacher might presume that you just took it from the internet and print it. Thus, it is not counted as your own work. When you do it by hand, they 'might' think that it's your own work. It's a very flawed logic... but... that's just how Malaysia's education system works. So, yeah. :(

    -Again, please include a reference to yourself. It feels really weird calling people anonymous. But if it's bothersome, please ignore this. XD -

  9. i'm just wanna ask about the 'reflection' n 'conjucture', i'm really does'nt know about diz things.yesterday,i check it on th wikipedia..n it state dat conjucture is contra with da 'hypothesis'..but,if you don't mind..can u x-plain more clearly?

  10. o.0 Conjucture? Do you mean conclusion?
    I'll give you an example.

    Part 1
    Most of the items are priced differently at different shops. Possible reasons for the difference in item prices are .
    Some items such as sugar was uniformly priced as its stock is limited in the market.

    Then, just do your Part 2 and Part 3.

    The reflection part is the simplest one. You just need to mention what you have learned, moral values that you practiced and you opinions when and after carrying the project out. You can do it through the use of symbols, illustrations, drawings or even in a song. Just read your question paper. Basically, everything about the reflection is there.

  11. For the introduction part, should we talk about index number or statistics?
    What if I've did statistics? Is it okay? Will it be run out of topic?


  12. o.0... yes... totally out of topic. Statistics and index number is 2 totally different topics. Just search price index on wiki, and you get your introduction.

  13. actually, what is this project title? is it price index or statistics?

  14. weh ,xtau buat lgsng .satu ape pn xphm bnda alah kt atas ni .xde sample ?

  15. its price index actually. There's only a small part of statistics there. The variance and standard deviation of the product.


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